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Ways To Give


Debit/Credit Cards & ACH - Click Logo

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Love's Truth App - Click Logo


**Note: Donations are tax-deductible & Secure

To GIVE via Text


(240) 449- 3770

Give with Debit, Credit, or Bank Account

First- time givers will be prompted to provide a method of payment. After initial set up you can give automatically from the same account or text "UPDATE" to change your information.


$LovesTruth - Click Logo

**Note: Donations are tax-deductible 

Cash App ($LovesTruth)


You work extremely hard to earn money. Whether you're responsible for just you or a group of people, it's important for you to be wise with the money you earn. This applies to every person, business, church or government entity.


We believe it's important to give because of what the Bible says about giving and we also believe it's important to be transparent about what we do with what we are given. We will be proactive in providing that information. 


If you would like to see your giving at anytime, please feel free to email @ and we will create a Breeze account for you to see your giving.


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