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What is a Partner of Love's Truth Ministry?


Love's Truth is a ministry seeking partners to share their talents and resources to impact the world. The gifts and talents you and your family possess is necessary to spread God's love to others.  If you believe God is calling you to help us in this season, we would love to have you (Sign Up Below). In any partnership, there is commitment from both parties, that info is below :


  • Be “All In” with your heart

  • Prayer

  • Meetings

  • Community Impact

  • Support (Serving, Financial, etc.)


Love's Truth Commitment to You and Your Family


How can we ask you to commit to Love's Truth without Love's Truth having a commitment to you? We take this calling very seriously so below are the items we believe God has commanded us to commit to you and your family:


  • Prayer

  • Coaching

    • Relationship with Jesus Christ

    • Your Purpose/Passion and Goal Planning

    • Healthy Community (Family, Finances & Leadership)

  • Great Steward of the Resources of the Ministry


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